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A Window Cleaner's Guide To Creating and Distributing Door Hangers

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Door hangers are the most basic form of advertising, yet many businesses execute on designing them completely wrong. They could be too cluttered or too sparse on needed information.

It's a game of finding the right balance and making sure the person looking at the door hanger has enough information to act on the call to action.

With door hangers, you have to be smart about how you utilize available space. There isn't enough room to write a story, but you need to add enough information to persuade the reader to use your services/business.

It's sometimes shocking to see door hangers that are hung on our door that are missing crucial information for the sale. Some businesses don't even add a call to action, so it ends up being a wasted investment because you don't tell them what to do next.

I want to break down the door hanger and point out how to properly create and organize one. Then, near the end, I've done a bit of research to find some good websites where you can begin creating door hangers of your own (If you aren't already creating them).

We'll also talk about when you should put out door hangers because, at the end of the day, if you put them out at the wrong time, everything will go to waste.

The Anatomy of a Door Hanger

Before I start breaking down the parts of a successful door hanger, it's important to remember that you've got to be testing to see what works for you. These five key parts of a door hanger will generally stay the same, but the way you use the parts will change.

1: Imagery and Layout

The very first thing a person notices about your door hanger is the design and imagery. It's what captures that first bit of attention.

Around 65% of people are visual learners, so if you want the reader to remember what they just looked at, you need to supply a good visual. Images were the first way we communicated before text, so it's almost hard wired that we process images much faster than a large string of words.

But, to be fair, you can't have a successful door hanger with just visuals, that's kinda obvious. With that, once you've captured their attention with visuals, you need to pair that with a compelling headline to draw them in further.

2: Headline

The headline could be one of the most important parts of any type of marketing content. It's what draws the reader in to continue looking at what you have to offer.

If your headline is weak and doesn't interest the reader, your door hanger will most likely end up in the trash as soon as the person sees it.

One way to get the attention of the reader is to point out an imperfection you noticed. For example, for a window cleaner looking to distribute door hangers, you could go to homes that appear to have dirty windows.

The headline would end up looking something like this, "I Noticed Your Windows Are Dirty." Of course, there are many improvements that could be made to make it more attractive, but that's just an example.

By pointing out an imperfection, you make the reader wonder if others walking past there home have noticed.

3: Offer

Now that you've got their attention, it's time you give them an offer they can't resist. You've already pointed out that they need some work done (if you went that direction for the headline), so now you need to offer them a fix to their problem.

Sticking with the window cleaning example, if you've just pointed out that their windows are dirty, it's time you offer them a service to help them out with their dirty windows.

Because they still don't have any clue who you are yet, this would be a good time to give them an entryway offer. Something like a free quote would be a good way to put them in the process of thinking about your business.

In addition, with a free quote, they'll see who you are and you'll inevitably build a bit of trust in the process.

On the other hand, if you don't offer a free quote or you want to try and sell them right then and there, you could offer a deal for the first time service.

While it isn't always most effective to ask for a sale the very first time they see you, you could ease the decision making with an appealing offer, such as "20% off the first time you use our services."

When writing the offer, you want to make sure you touch back on the pain point you just developed. Remember, you just pointed out that their windows are dirty, so touch back on that to really complete the offer.

It's important to know, when you're developing the offer, talk about the benefits, not the features.

For example, talk about how they'll feel after the service versus what features you offer (fast service, friendly people, etc.). People make decisions based on emotions, then they justify their decision with facts, so give them something that spurs their emotional side.

This can change based on the gender you're primarily talking to.

For women, you could talk about how their friends will be jealous of how their windows look afterward.

For men, you could talk about how you'll take this off their todo list, so they won't have to do it later.

Always construct your offer based on the type of person you're talking to. You are always looking to touch on what resonates with them, otherwise, they'll have no interest in taking action.

4: Social Proof or Testimonials

You are still faced with one major problem, they have no idea who you are, except for this little piece of paper you stuck on their door.

How do you prove to them that, even though they don't know you, you'll do a fantastic job and make it easy on them?

Well, if you've got reviews from previous customers, use one. Don't make them take your word for it, take the happy customer's word for it. Now, you don't have an infinite amount of space, so use one really good testimonial to get your point across.

What if you don't have reviews?

You may need to add a guarantee if you don't have anyone that can vouch for you. Adding a "Money Back Guarantee" is a great way to give them that extra bit of comfort when trying your business for the first time.

5: Call To Action

Ok, now that you've captured their attention and offered a service of interest, it's time you ask them to take a specific action. Without asking them to take action, they won't do anything.

People don't want to think about what to do next, they want it to be handed to them, so all they have to do is act. Think about it, if I stuck a door hanger on your door with no call to action, no phone number, no website, just the name of my business and my offer. Would you know how to find my business?

See, when they finish reading your door hanger, they don't want to scour the internet looking for your website. If it's confusing to them, they won't bother investing the effort.

Especially if you don't provide a phone number or some method of contact, you might as well through your door hanger away yourself.

The point of adding a call to action is to minimize the amount the person has to think. Tell them what they need to do next. Should they call, email, go to your website, what should they do?

Also, give them an idea of what they're calling about. Are they calling for a free quote, are they calling to claim a deal, are they calling to schedule a service, what's the call about?

By doing so, you're giving the person everything they need to take advantage of your call to action.

Picking The Right Time To Distribute Door Hangers

You could have the best door hangers of any business, but if you distribute them at the wrong time, it could seriously hurt how many people actually act on what you have to offer.

As a window cleaner, your business is very dependent on weather conditions, so if you were to pass out door hangers while it's cloudy or if there's rain in the forecast, you might not see many people use your services.

Whereas, if it were sunny, people may be in the mood to have their windows cleaned. But, at the end of the day, you've got to run tests for yourself.

You may end up seeing that more people use your services if you pass out door hangers while it's raining. Then the next day they call you to have their windows cleaned when it's sunny again. Who knows, you'll only find the sweet spot by testing.

Best Websites For Creating Door Hangers

These four websites offer services to create door hangers. Some of them are a drag and drop customization tool, others may require you to upload a design (that's where this next list comes in). Regardless, all of them offer a good way to start creating door hangers yourself.

1: Uprinting

2: MyCreativeShop

3: VistaPrint

4: 123Print

Best Websites For Designing Door Hangers

I'd imagine not everybody is super techy or a designer, so here are four places where you can hire a freelancer, from anywhere in the world, to handle designing for you. Fiverr will probably offer the lowest costs, but will have a range of quality. Try them out for yourself and see which one is best.

1: Fiverr

2: Upwork

3: Freelancer

4: 99Designs

Important Things To Remember When Creating Door Hangers

The number one thing to remember is that you must test everything. I could've said one thing, but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone. What resonates with one person won't resonate with everyone, so you must test what door hangers work for you and build off of that.

With door hangers, you don't have enough space to write a story and while that may seem like a downside, it forces you to be smart with your copy. You must cut to the chase and capture their attention immediately, otherwise, it'll end up in the trash.

When creating a door hanger, think in this order.

1) Capture their attention with imagery.

2) Keep their attention when a compelling headline.

3) Create an offer they can't resist.

a) Write in terms of benefits, not features.

b) Construct your offer based on who you're talking to.

4) Prove to them you're the right person for the job.

a) Use one fantastic testimonial to show others are happy with your service.

b) If you don't have testimonials, guarantees are a good way to provide some comfort for trying your service for the first time.

5) Tell them what to do next (call to action), make them think as little as possible.

Don't be stressed out when you need to finally print your door hangers, there are tons of places and people that can help you get that done, at a relatively cheap price.

Extra Resources For Creating and Distributing Door Hangers

If you're interested in using door hangers within your window cleaning business, I've linked to three channels that I felt did a very good job of discussing this topic (I'm sure there are other great videos out there, but these are the three I found). They all shared a unique perspective on what works for them when it comes to door hangers, so I hope these extra resources help!

- Follow Luke and Reanna as they're passing out door hangers and discussing tips for marketing your window cleaning business: Check out their YouTube video over on Luke The Window Cleaner

- Jordie, at The Window Cleanse, has a great video on creating and distributing door hangers. He also discusses the ROI he sees when using door hangers for his business: Check out his video on YouTube

- Check out Joe's video on how he uses door hangers and why it plays a key role in marketing his window cleaning business: Check out Window Joe's YouTube Video