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Introducing ScheduleTalk 2.0!!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Ever since early 2017 (when ScheduleTalk was still an idea), we had a vision that it would be used to simplify our customers lives (probably a given, we don't want to complicate them). Though, to be honest, we never really knew what all ScheduleTalk would have to offer. Of course, scheduling was always the plan, but we weren't sure what direction we should take it, whether that be more for personal use or for small companies. That was still up for discussion, even after our first launch early to mid 2018.

Thankfully, due to the awesome feedback from both early users and testers, they made our decision easy for us! We were going to take ScheduleTalk the small business direction.

So, with the background information (kinda rambling) over with, I will now get to the stuff you clicked on the article for...

We are extremely excited to announce that ScheduleTalk will now simplify accounting, on top of all our original features! With new features such as invoicing, estimates, account management, and more, ScheduleTalk will now not just simplify your scheduling but now the running of your small business as a whole! With that said, we are now making it our goal that we create a software that our users can rely on to help run their small business.

We don't want to forget to mention that, along with the awesome new features that have finally arrived, we are also releasing an entirely new and even more secure back end. We have been working to increase and better secure ScheduleTalk in all areas and we are very much pleased to say that ScheduleTalk is even safer than before! Though, this change may not affect your, interactive, experience while using ScheduleTalk, just know that because of the effort our team has put into this change, your data is even more secure because of it.

Also, as you may have noticed, we have now started a blog called "BlogTalk" (a play off of ScheduleTalk, of course). Though, we call our blog "BlogTalk" it will be found under the "blog" subdomain (https://www.blog.scheduletalk.com). Here on the blog, there is a comment section at the bottom and we'd love to hear your thoughts on our posts. We plan on using your comments to tweak what type of content we may write in the future, so please let us know if you think we should try something different. Afterall, we are new to this blogging thing, so if our audience (you) has any suggestions they should let us know!

I do want to give a BIG thank you, on behalf of the entire ScheduleTalk team, to our early users and testers. They have truly made the journey just a little bit easier by providing feedback. Without them, we probably wouldn't have gone the direction we have, so thank you! Also, if you are currently using ScheduleTalk and have some recommendations and/or fixes for us, please share them with us! We want to grow, of course, but more than anything we want to grow in the right direction and we can't do that without you.

If you are looking to get any more information on features, pricing, or just to figure out who the heck we are, I will provide some links at the bottom to simplify your travel over there.

Looking to share some tips with us? Send us an email at help@scheduletalk.com, we'd love to hear from you!

* Oh and I almost forgot to mention that we are running a 30% discount for our top plan (new price $9.97/mo). This discount will be temporary, although if you claim your spot on the plan now, the 30% discount will stick with you the entire time you continue to use that plan. What I mean by this is, when the price jumps back up to $13.99/mo and you currently own the plan with the discounted price, you will continue to pay the discounted price.

* Here is an important note regarding the discount. If you change your account plan anytime after the discount is over, you will not be able to return to the $9.97/mo deal.

Here are those links I promised:

- Want to learn more about the features? Click this, SEE THE FEATURES!

- Want to see our pricing? Click this, SEE OUR PRICING!

- Want to just know a little more about who we are? Click this, WHO IS SCHEDULETALK?!

- Ready to signup and claim your discounted price before it is gone? SIGN ME UP!!